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The Constitution, Art. I, Sect. 8, Clause 11: "The Congress shall have Power To ... Declare War ..."

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Brief description of June 1, 1787, at the Constitutional Convention.

NJPA, et al v. Bush
(Lawsuit Against The President for Ordering Soldiers to Invade Iraq without a Declaration of War by Congress.* District Court, 3rd Circuit and the Supreme Court ignored discussion of June 1 at the Convention.)

Baker-Christopher Proposal is Unconstitutional

(Former Secretaries of State, James Baker and Warren Christopher, are trying to get more power from the Congress for the President to declare war - without amendment of the Constitution.)

Stop Baker-Christopher Now!


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the representatives of the people have the right to decide this important question, conjunctively with the supreme executive who may . . . exercise a qualified negative on the joint resolutions of congress; but this negative is unavailing if two thirds of the congress should persist in an opposite determination; so that it may be in the power of the executive to prevent, but not to make, a declaration of war.


~~ Footnote 462 of Restoring the Congressional Duty to Declare War.
1 ST. GEORGE TUCKER, BLACKSTONE‘S COMMENTARIES WITH NOTES OF REFERENCES (1803), Appendix, Note D, Of the Constitution of the United States, Part 5—Powers of Congress (cont) Paragraph 11, http://www.lonang.com/exlibris/tucker/ tuck-1d5.htm.


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